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Ligament Repairs

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  • Ligament and tendon injuries affect all the ligaments and tendons of the human body. M ost common are injuries to the shoulder , knee , and ankle .

  • Many techniques exist .

  • CCO surgeons have mastered these ligament and tendon repair techniques.

  • These repairs are almost always carried out by arthroscopic techniques, thus guaranteeing you the concepts of the RAAC (Fast Recovery after Surgery)


Rupture of the rotator cuff

Instability  and Dislocation 


Rupture of cruciate ligaments

Knee Instability


Ligament rupture

Chronic instability

  • Arthroscopic repair

  • Surgery of  instability

    • Bankart Arthroscopic?

    • Latarget stopper?

Arthroscopic ligamentoplasties

  • kenneth jones

  • DIDT

  • Mc  Intosh

  • for a sprain: The  Surgery is not necessary

  • for a  chronic instability:

     A ligamentoplasty?

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