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Your Hospitalization

Before your hospitalization

Do not forget to come to the anesthesia consultation which is essential.

Don't forget your X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs...

During your preoperative anesthesia consultation, give the attached documents of the "Informed Consent" signed and preceded by the words "read, approved, and understood" (2 copies) to the anesthesia secretary.

Carefully read all the documents provided. 

Fill out the forms and request information.

Prepare all of your usual medications.

Avoid any skin trauma (scratches, abrasions, wounds, etc.) on the entire limb to be operated on, do not shave, do not wax.

Notify the nursing staff of any skin abnormalities (acne), ongoing illness, various allergies, etc.

The day before the operation, plan a light meal.

Don't forget your online reservation on the Ramsay Health website


During hospitalization

The medical & paramedical care staff is always at your disposal. You and your family can meet me the evening of your intervention or on simple request.

When you leave: Collect my prescriptions and the discharge letter from the orthopedic secretariat.

Centre Chirurgie Orthopédique | Bois-Bernard  | Pas-de-Calais | CCO
Centre Chirurgie Orthopédique | Bois-Bernard  | Pas-de-Calais | CCO

After hospitalization

Consult your attending physician. (Plan the home visit before your release)

During the first days, the operated limb must be regularly elevated.  (Provide an ice pack wrapped in a cloth)

Operative wound care must be performed by a state-certified nurse.

Swabs or wicking of the surgical scar are FORBIDDEN without the opinion of the surgeon.

Rehabilitation with a physiotherapist is often essential.

A suspicious, abnormal, or worrying development must be reported to us: An Emergency doctor remains at your disposal 24/24 at the following number:


You will be given an appointment for a post-operative follow-up consultation: This consultation is essential. Do not forget to bring back your documents during this consultation.

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