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The Orthopedic Surgery Center

  • The CCO team  provide support:

    • of all skeletal pathologies

    • different joints, bones, tendons, etc.

    • except diseases of the spine (pathologies of the back)

  • This versatility requires several specialists

  • For a catch  in charge  optimal

The CCO brings you the expertise

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  • Ankle Instability and Ligamentoplasties

  • Conflict  antero-lateral and Osteochondritis

  • Hindfoot and subtalar arthrodesis

  • Arthrodeses  tibiotalar

  • Posterior conflict and Haglund disease

  • Synovial cysts


  • Hallux Valgus surgery

  • Hallux surgery  Rigidus

  • Arthrodeses of  midfoot

  • The flat-valgus foot

  • Metatarsalgia

  • Claw toes

  • Neuroma  by Morton

  • Nail dystrophies

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Pôle de Référence
des Pathologies Ostéo-articulaires

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Chirurgie du Rachis Cervical
Dr. Bosca & Portella

Chirurgie du Rachis Lombaire
Dr. Bosca & Portella

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